Updated 24 January 2001


Perlmacs is a program based on GNU Emacs with the Perl interpreter linked in. See the README for details, or download it here. You can also look at the HTML version of the Emacs::Lisp module documentation. Some real-world example code, courtesy of Di Zhao <dzhao@primeon.com>, might give a bit of the flavor of scripting for Emacs with Perl. There is also an article about Perlmacs and its relation to Emacs, the FSF, and Guile.


These days I am working on EPL - a replacement for Perlmacs that uses pipes instead of embedding. EPL is still Alpha software, but it works with XEmacs 21, Perl 5.005 and better, and (the not-yet-released) Emacs 21.

Comments? Questions? Email me at <perlmacs@john-edwin-tobey.org>.