Old Stuff

"Look at the sunset from the sun's point of view."

- Steven Wright

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Before the internet got going, people photocopied stuff and sent it through the mail. It includes Civilization Will Eat Itself and Superweed 1-4, and this page compiles the best of my zines.
Essays, 2002-2008
These are mostly fiction disguised as nonfiction, but the best are honest fiction. I've done some rewrites seeking the impossible balance between being boring and wrong. It's even hard to not be both.
Landblog and Houseblog, 2004-2014
The chronicle of my homesteading project, which was doomed to fail but I learned a lot, and later some stuff I did with my house.
The quotes are the only thing I really stay on top of updating. Also some links, book recommendations, recipes, and readings of stuff by other people that vanished from the internet.
This is a short novel I wrote in 2004 about the beginning of the end of the world. I like my latest novel much better.
An idea I had that never got beyond transportation tech.