Witches of the Pinspecked Void

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a novel by Ran Prieur
I haven't given up on this novel, but my creative process has reached a dead end, in which I'm writing smaller and smaller fragments that don't add up to a greater structure in which they're interesting. Also, I think it failed to find an audience because of bad exposition, something that takes years of experience to do well. So I've put it aside and started another project that's going better.

Change log: September 2022: renamed chains to strings, renamed Aqua to Myrma. January 2022: Changed Grimlock, formerly Ladbroke, to Spoke. October 2021: Thanans have been renamed Shinbones. April 2021: reverted merchant dialogue in chapter 5. October 2020: changed book one headquote. September 2020: rewrote Brother Dreadmuppet scene in book 2 chapter 12. December 2019: full rewrite of chapter 1. December 2019: new cover image. November 2019: reverted to old title. November, 2018: new chapter between chapters 12 and 13 of book two, and a new section in 2-14. Nov 15: added headquote to 2-15. Late October: new title. Oct 19: chapter 1-6 polishing. Oct 9: rewrote arbspace in 1-6. Sept 2018, stretched and rewrote 1-5 and 1-6.

Book 1: Pinspecked Void

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Book 2: Tripsie Glade

[I recommend not reading this. A lot of it has been or will be changed.]

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