Witches of the Pinspecked Void

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a novel by Ran Prieur
I'm still plugging along writing more of this. I don't recommend reading book two, because a lot of it will be changed to fit stuff I've written since then.

Changes are appearing, for now, only in the complete html files. Change log: April 2021: changed Ladbroke to Grimlock, reverted merchant dialogue in chapter 5. October 2020: changed book one headquote. September 2020: rewrote Brother Dreadmuppet scene in book 2 chapter 12. December 2019: full rewrite of chapter 1. December 2019: new cover image. November 2019: reverted to old title. November, 2018: new chapter between chapters 12 and 13 of book two, and a new section in 2-14. Nov 15: added headquote to 2-15. Late October: new title. Oct 19: chapter 1-6 polishing. Oct 9: rewrote arbspace in 1-6. Sept 2018, stretched and rewrote 1-5 and 1-6.

Book 1: Pinspecked Void

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Book 2: Tripsie Glade

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